Darnelle Watts — ‘I Touched Student’s Penis BY ACCIDENT’

Darnelle Watts -- 'I Touched Student's Penis BY ACCIDENT' MySpace

New York Daily News – Darnelle Watts, a gospel singer who taught an afterschool class at the Promise Academy, confessed to detectives that he “hit” a boy’s penis “by accident” during a bizarre game, the court papers say.

“By accident means that we would play where I would hit him there and he would hit me there in the penis. I’m 6’3, he’s this tall. It’s just a game,” Watts allegedly said after he was arrested on charges he molested two boys at the school for months.

Watts, who was quietly canned from the Promise Academy in October 2015, is now accused in a new lawsuit of abusing many more students – between 10 to 13 years old – whom he mentored. Investigators fear he may have more victims.