Akram Joudeh accused in meat cleaver attack on COPS had 15 prior arrests, including larceny, criminal possession of stolen property


WABC-TV‎ – Police said the confrontation began when two uniformed officers encountered Akram Joudeh, 32, trying to remove an immobilizing boot from a parked vehicle. Police said they believe Joudeh was living in his vehicle.
As the officers approached him, Joudeh pulled out an 11-inch meat cleaver and ran, police said. A group of officers chased him, and at one point shot him with a Taser, with no apparent effect.

In Sept 2013, Joudeh used a wooden fence post to smash up a 2009 Chevy while it was parked at 25th Avenue and 96th street in Queens. He damaged the front windshield, the back windshield, knocked both mirrors off, and caused other dents to the doors and hood…